Bacon Fat is a Belgian power rock ’n roll trio that’s been active since 2000. Over the years we developped our own style by adding and mixing all kinds of musical genres. Reggae, stoner, jazz, fusion, rap, psychedelic and even metal all were blended into our music while at the same time the trademark fat and dirty bluesrock sound remained solid as a rock. 5 albums are released to this date and the band played over 350 shows all over the Benelux, Germany and France. Bacon Fat had several line-ups through the years and everybody that was in it contributed to the band’s musical direction in one way or another. . The current line-up consists of ‘Uncle’ Frank Verdier on bass guitar/vocals, ‘Uncle’ Rik Volkaerts on drums/vocals and founding member W. Johnson on lead vocals/guitar ‘Bacon Fat is the ZZ Top of the lowlands’ – Julian Sas.